Graeme Crawford, a renowned educator, opened his first school in 1993 in South Africa. In the following five years, the Crawford Schools grew to 21 in total. In 2000, working closely with his sister Sheena Crawford-Kempster, Graeme founded Reddam House Constantia in Cape Town. In January 2001, Graeme opened the first school outside of South Africa: Reddam House Sydney in Australia. Thereafter, both Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town and Reddam House Bedfordview in Johannesburg started in 2003. A newly constructed state of the art Reddam House Waterfall school then opened its doors in 2012 in a residential property development on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Reddam House joined the international school group Inspired, which escalated the growth of the Reddam House brand further. A second brand, Reddford House, was then launched in 2014 with Reddford House The Hills and Reddford House Blue Hills offering students a wide selection of choices. Reddam House has since branched out to the United Kingdom, acquiring Fulham Preparatory School and Bearwood College, rebranded as Reddam House Berkshire under the Inspired umbrella. The Reddam House group, currently boasts 9 schools and 3 Early Learning Schools.



The REDDAM motto has its origins in Scottish history with the first Monarch of Crawford who saved King David the First of Scotland from certain death by a stag during a hunting expedition. The Monarch of Crawford adopted the motto “TUTUM TE REBORE REDDAM” which means “I will keep you safe by my strength”, and his Coat-of-Arms included the stag’s head as a symbol of the Monarch’s bravery. On marrying his wife, the monarch included the fleur-de-lis in his Coat-of-Arms. Since then, the Coat of Arms of the Crawford clan has always incorporated the stag and fleur-de-lis.


In 1999, Mrs Crawford-Kempster, Director of Reddam House, worked with Mr Burnell, the State Herold at the Bureau of Heraldry in Pretoria and using the elements of the stag and the fleur-de-lis, created a Coat-of-Arms for Reddam House. Our school’s name is taken from the Latin for “give back”, and our school motto “We shall give back” is a fitting sentiment in the new South Africa, and one which serves as a reminder to our students of the importance of contributing to the community.


Tutum means protect         Roboris means strength           Reddam means give back



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